When using apps and websites, do you get annoyed having to fill out the same address, shipping and billing information over and over again?  Are you tired of having to sift thru each website or app to find things that fit just you? When you purchase gifts for friends and family do you have any idea of their likes and dislikes, let alone their sizes? Do you have so many apps for local search that you just stopped using them?

If you answered, “No, my assistant does all this for me”, then you can stop reading and return to your skinny caramel latte,. But for those of us that don’t have assistants, here’s one for you; and it’s called OneMe.

Retailers and third parties can provide the assistance you need – without asking at every step – when you authorize access to your shopping preferences on the OneMe platform. You can even grant access to friends and family, so now that holiday sweater from your great aunt in Springfield will be just the right size … and won’t be in green. OneMe knows just how much you dislike green sweaters.