OneMe Personal

OneMe Personal


Authorize and deauthorize access to your data using an international, privacy-compliant and open-sourced platform.
Use multi-factor authentication like fingerprints to make sure it’s only you granting access. Awesome.

Auth Viewer

See who’s using your data, how and why they’re using it, across all your online services & connected devices.
No more hunting and pecking thru privacy settings and pages of terms & conditions. Geeze.

One Identity

One identity for apps, services, connected things, and whatever the future brings.
No more multiple logins with different versions of you.  Bleh!

My Data

Your data is everywhere, but OneMe can let you manage it safely from one place.


Your data is encrypted so that only you have the keys to view it and grant access.


Unlike other identity providers, your data is
managed by you.
Your data can reside at the source, distributed on the OneMe blockchain, locally on your device, or all of these;
it’s up to you.

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