Bradley Arlen

Mr. Arlen has worked worldwide as a consultant in the technology space for 25 years across multiple industries from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 organizations.  After completing his CS Engineering degree at The Ohio State University, Brad began his career as a software developer for a Japanese electronics company, spent several years as a Big 4 systems consultant, and eventually founded his own consulting company providing product management and web-based business application development services.

With our lives becoming more digital every day, copies of our personal data propagating everywhere, and no safe and secure way for business services to access our personal data, Brad felt the urgency to found OneMe.  Fueled by new development in technologies like the blockchain, OneMe is based on the belief that providing individuals control and transparency into the use of their personal data will empower, not stifle,  businesses and organizations, leading to incredibly powerful, trustful,  services and ultimately positive global impacts.  Simply stated, trust is transparency.

When not working on technology innovations, you will find Brad snowboarding mountains in the Winter, hiking & biking in the warmer months, and traveling the globe in his spare time.

Past Employment