OneMe is a public benefit corporation that promotes personal data privacy to put individuals back in control of their own identities.

We accomplish this thru our distributed open-sourced, secure platform, enabling users to be the central authority of their own personal data.  Businesses can then interact with the OneMe platform to provide more intelligent, and privacy compliant personalized services to their customers.

OneMe provides the infrastructure, but doesn’t have access to your data, only you do, and only you authorize who can view and use it, and on what terms.

Maintaining a uniform identity with clear authority of personal data access will be especially important as more and more devices are connected to the Internet like cars, tvs, appliances, and environmental control systems.

With a world full of hacking and ever increasing concerns over electronic surveillance, OneMe will provide a safer and more flexible Internet that moves us into the next stage of our digital world.

At its core, OneMe will enable a deeper trust and level of control over one’s identity and personal data that has not been possible before, simultaneously advancing the capabilities of the Internet.

Brad Arlen
Founder OneMe.IO