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OneMe Officially Accepted as a Public Benefit Corp (PBC).

Yup, that’s right, as of May 2017, OneMe, is now officially OneMe PBC. aka a Public Benefit Corporation.

What the heck is a PBC you say? Well lemme ‘splain it to you Lucy…

If you are simply too rushed to read the rest of this post, OneMe PBC., wants to do good. We want to provide a benefit to society at large, even at small, and we want you to know about it through our Delaware corporate status of PBC.,  We are not a non-profit, a PBC, sometimes called a B-Corp, is near identical to a C-Corp., with three primary differences, but for the most part, that’s it.

Here are the main differences between a B-Corp and a C-Corp.:

  1. A B-Corp. must provide a public good to society and declare it in their articles of incorporation.
  2. A B-Corp. is required to issue a report, biennially, that indicates measurements in terms of how well it’s meeting its stated public goals.
  3. And to me, this is the most important, whereas board decisions in a C-Corp must always take into account the positive and negative impacts those decisions may have on its shareholders, in a B-Corp., the board must also always take into account how those decisions will affect the people, animals, and/or things, it stands for identified in item 1.

There’s more information here, if you want to explore this further.

While we still need to feed and clothe ourselves, and sure, we’d love to make mo’ money, we’re here to serve and protect you, in defense of your digital privacy. We want to make a global impact. So the people we take into account for every decision we make, includes you, and you, and you too.

Depending on the state you incorporate in, there are slight variation to these requirements, such as obtaining third party certifications, but that’s pretty much it.

Here are a few well known companies who are also B-Corps and what they stand for:

Kickstarter, PatagoniaKing Arthur Flour.

Lastly, below are the actual items from our articles of incorporation relative to our B-Corp. status.

So are you with us? Let’s do this!


Brad Arlen




The specific public benefit purpose of the corporation is to advocate for the protection of individual personal data privacy and   associated civil liberties.

OneMe PBC accomplishes this in three ways.

First, by contributing to and working with civil liberty oriented national and international non-profits, to strengthen the privacy capabilities of all US and global citizens.

Second, we provide free and publicly accessible tools, presentations, courses and mixed media content, to educate the public on actions they can take to protect their data and digital identities.

Third, we provide freely available white-papers, mixed media content, and informative presentations, both online and at privacy related events, to engage and educate organizations in fulfilling their obligations to comply with national, regional, and international personal data privacy laws & regulations.