Who Really Controls Your Data?

OneMe Personal is your personal data privacy advocate that puts you back in control of your own identity.
There's only one you. There's only one me. Why let someone else manage our identities?

Empower Your Business.

There are plenty of great online sites and services offered by business, and we love using them.
OneMe for Business opens up new opportunities for businesses and helps them become internationally privacy compliant to boot.

OneMe Personal


Authorize and de-authorize access to your data using an international, privacy-compliant and open-sourced platform.

Auth Viewer

See who’s using your data, how and why they’re using it, across all your online services & connected devices.

One Identity

One identity for logging into apps, services, connected things, and whatever the future brings.

My Data

Your data is everywhere, but OneMe can let you manage it safely from one place using your own personal storage.

OneMe Business

International Privacy Compliance

OneMe Business is a springboard to EU-GDPR & EU-Privacy Shield compliance.

Data Inventory

Identify, categorize, and apply privacy policy to organization-wide personal data.

Consent Management

Gain user consent by application, classification &, policy.

Secure Personal Data Exchange

Signed and encrypted, EU-US Privacy Shield compliant, P2P personal data exchange.

Ready for the future?

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