Lost Trust is Costly

With data privacy incidents being exposed everyday, businesses face new regulations, fines, lawsuits, and most of all. the loss of trust from their customers, clients and employees.
Facebook Accounts Sold Without Consent
Uber Rider & Driver Data Ransomed
Yahoo! Breach Victims Able to File Suit for Delayed Notification
EU-General Data Protection Regulation Fines Per Incident (USD)
Countries with Similar GDPR Regulations
Google Data Removal Requests Since GDPR

Empower Your Business.

With personal data privacy oversight, consent-based data exchange resulting in trusted data,
OneMe for Business empowers your organization,  customers, clients, & employees.

OneMe Business

International Privacy Compliance

OneMe Business is a springboard to EU-GDPR & EU-Privacy Shield compliance.

Data Registry

Identify, categorize, and apply privacy policy to organization-wide personal data.

Consent Management

Gain user consent by application, classification & policy.

Secure Personal Data Exchange

Signed, encrypted, EU-US Privacy Shield-compliant personal data exchange, primed for the decentralized economy.

Ready to Restore the Trust?